Camp Review Part 1

I love listening to Childish Gambino and I thought that I might as well kick off my music segments with a review of Camp (2011). I”ll explain what I think the  56 minutes of Camp means to me.

  1. Outside– This song starts with “I used to dream every night, now I never dream at all. I’m hopin’ that it’s cause I’m living everything I want.” Donald Glover (Childish Gambino’s real name) would spend his nights dreaming in his sleep as a kid. As he grew older, he got closer to his dreams and began to become famous.  Gambino states his struggles as a kid, mentioning his parent’s problems with the “hood” life.  The hook repeats the phrase, “There’s a world we can visit if we go outside. Outside, outside- we can follow the road.” The line to me explains that Childish Gambino is beginning to realize he can escape the stereotypes but no one knows what stepping outside that cave is like.
  2.  Firefly–  The song starts with the hook explaining how popular Childish Gambino is becoming. Firefly means that Gambino is spitting fire and looking fly as he does it. He addresses haters who called him “Oreo” and “faggot”.
  3. Bonfire– THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS ON THE ALBUM! (I got a little too excited…) Bonfire is Childish Gambino’s most aggressive song on the album and it is lit (a pun).  Once again he talks about how he’s blowing up in the music world. My favorite lines are “Tell me how I suck again, my memory is hazy. ‘You’re my favorite rapper now!’ Yeah dude, I better be or you can fuckin’ kiss my ass: Human Centipede.” He raps about how confidence he is, which he is progress from his childhood.
  4. All The Shine– The first line I find noteworthy is, “What’s the point of rap if you can’t be yourself, huh?” Music is all about expressing yourself. What’s the point of doing something where you can’t be you? Besides the chorus, the next line I want to talk about is, “No matter how far the hood seems, we all still have hood dreams.” Glover still has the same dreams he had when he was younger.
  5. Letter Home– Childish Gambino is obviously not over a girl. The line goes, “Every other girl is trying to be you.” Other girls look up and aim to be her, but they can never be her.
  6. Heartbeat– I want to point out the best part of the song to me, “You start calling, you start crying. I come over, I’m inside you. I can’t find you, the girl I once had.” Basically, this song is about having sex with multiples girls, even with The One.

This is the first half of the review. Hopefully you’ll like Childish Gambino as much as I do. I still have to find two or three days out of the week to post. (This is not edited.)

Have a great Thursday. I hope you enjoyed this post. -Txni



One thought on “Camp Review Part 1

  1. Hi there! I just came across this post of yours and your blog in general and I couldn’t help but comment and tell you how much I love this! Keep up the great work, I am going to follow you so I can keep up with all your new posts!


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