Camp Review Part 2

Hey guys! I’m back with part two of Camp Review. I’ve kinda been pushing this post back for a couple of days. I found some other music I want to write reviews for. But don’t fear, Childish Gambino will always be my favorite rapper.

7. Backpackers– Backpackers are Childish’s haters while Campers are his fans. Backpackers think Childish Gambino is too white and gay to rap like a real black kid. My favorite line is  “I lame as fuck homie.”

8. L.E.S.– I literally just looked up what L.E.S. meant… Lower East Side. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT (Fake stan alert)! My favorites line in this song are “I hope nobody catch us but I kinda hope they catch us.” Gambino wants to spend his time enjoying this kiss in the bathroom, but he wants to be seen as a guy who can get girls and is not gay. Another noteworthy line is “I’m a mess. That don’t rhyme with shit, it’s just true.”

9. Hold You Down–  Childish Gambino continues to rap about being called an Oreo and his experience as a black kid. It’s time to stand up against the stereotypes for black people.  Having a dad when you’re black doesn’t mean that you’re not actually black (do you get me?)! Minorities are constantly being compared to white people (“I won’t stop until they say: ‘James Franco is the white Donald Glover.'”).  This song is about doing what you want to create a different view.

10. Kids–  I never really thought much of this song, but I always loved listening to it. I saw it as a song about wanting to give her everything he could and not screw with her heart. The song has a very chill vibe. Of course, Childish Gambino mentions his love for Asian girls.

11. You See Me– SO OKAY THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG (along with Bonfire, Sunrise, and That Power)! I have my reasons for why I like so many songs.  CHILDISH GAMBINO LOVES ASIAN GIRLS! He mentions his obsession every second he gets. I just love his flow in You See Me. The end of the song has got Gambino on the edge. You’ll hear it for yourself.

12. Sunrise– The song starts off with a pretty exciting beat. He’s “still around” and “blazin’” so “don’t get hurt.” (all lyrics of the first verse) Childish is confident as fuck  in this song and you can’t bring him down! His chorus says he’s on the next level while those other rappers are sleeping. “Music equals freedom, I’ve wanted this since a three-year-old.” Gambino has been dreaming of being free since a young age and he now has the money to do so.

13. That Power– The last song of the adventures at Camp. Summer is coming to an end and no one wants that. The stereotypes are bring in this finale. CG is still seen as an Oreo rapper. He’s got kids hating on him since he was young. Looking back at the lyrics, my favorite lines are “How’d it happen? Honesty did it.” To make it in life you have to be true to yourself. To be completely honest, the outro breaks my heart. He meets a girl and falls in love with her at summer camp. He mentions something about him and her and the word “destiny”. He learns to “cut out the middle man” after the girl tells her friends about destiny. What’s left is what breaks me but what he said is for you to found out.

Listen to Camp if you haven’t done so already. I would say it’s worth the money to buy. I’m not forcing you to buy the album (trust me, I have no money as a 16-year-old girl). I really hoped you enjoyed the review. I’m listening to some new artists such as Noname, Ivy Sole, and Khalid. Thanks for reading. Comment some music you want me to listen to and review. I love new music. -Txni

(This is not edited.)


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