Update: 4/27/17

Am I okay? I ask myself this question every second of every day. More and more I answer with no. Will I be okay? I’m hoping that the answer will be yes. Someday I’ll feel better than okay, better than average. I just wish I wasn’t feeling so down this week.

I’ve been on a roadtrip to nowhere for the sixteen and a half years I’ve been alive. I’ve made unplanned pit stops and made them a routine. I’m going 85 in a 45 mph zone. I’ve spent days driving without taking the tiniest of breaks. I want to cut the road trip short. I’m tired of sight-seeing and breakdowns. I’m tired of sleepless nights. I’m tired of the excess caffeine. I want to get off the road. This road trip has been full of detours, and I just want to get to my final destination.

I want everyone to have a great day. I will probably post again today. I plan on posting a video of my latest poem along with a 13 Reasons Why post. I have some ideas for this blog. I just don’t know what you guys would like to read. Please comment any topics or ideas you’d like me to read about. Thank you. -Txni







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