I never thought about the definition of control. Sometimes we don’t think about the word itself but we know exactly how to use it. I decided to look up what control actually meant. As I looked through all the definitions (so many to read), I realized it all comes down to one word, “power”.  We all have control over something, we all have the power to do what we want. Now, that doesn’t mean what we do (or what we don’t do) is right or wrong. Controlling a situation has consequences. Everything we do has consequences.

We have control over everything, from choosing what time to go to sleep to choosing what career you want to have. You have the power to choose and pick what is good (or bad) for you and/or others. You have the power to make this new day good for you. I have control over my actions (although I sometimes wish I didn’t, which sounds kinda weird) like the rest of the world does. It’s all based on YOU.

I struggle with self-control. My brain has a mind of its own!  I know what’s right from wrong, but I still do the wrong things. I just so happen to be impulsive. I don’t think sometimes, so my actions aren’t always good for the moment. They’re almost always not good for the moment. I need to work on that. If you struggle with impulsivity, we’ll make it through this. We just need some time to make progress. We need to learn to take full responsibility for our actions, and take the time to think about how much we can control the situation to avoid a disaster.

Take time to think about what you can control. Not everything is in your hands, but try to make the best out of the things you can control.

Thank you for reading. Please comment any suggestions and what I should work on,  like, and follow. Have a wonderful and worry-free weekend!



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