Update: 5/13/17

Hello! I have a story to get off my chest!

I recently broke up with someone, our relationship wasn’t going to get very far for many reasons. He was driving me home from school when we had this conversation.  So let’s call this kid “John”. While John was driving me home, I mentioned one of my favorite memories, going to a city I love. This city is a LGBT+ friendly place.  When I mentioned the city, he said “being around a lot of gays makes me really uncomfortable.” That’s what got to me. If I were driving, I would’ve stopped the car. I asked him what he meant and he said, “the thought of being gay is disgusting”. I almost lost my mind!

You can’t make a comment like that and not expect to be judged by me. I understand that not everyone in this world accepts anyone in the LGBT+ community, but it’s 2017, I thought this year would make a change and open up everyone’s mind to find equality. It’s just shocking to me to hear someone call homosexuality “disgusting”. Who are you to judge someone on their sexual preference?

John told me that his opinion is his opinion and I should accept his opinion. I completely understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when I asked him about his thoughts on lesbians he said, “lesbians are pretty cool”.  I was fuming. You can accept lesbians for who they are but you can’t accept a gay man. I told him before I started dating him that I sexually identify as bisexual. He kinda seemed shocked when I told him, but I let it go.

Update (8:58pm): So I was confronted earlier today (before this was even posted) that I’m being petty. Honestly, I don’t care because I need to express myself and thoughts. I literally did not mean to offend “John”, but he offended me (that wasn’t his intentions). I feel like I’m just screwing up all my friendships. If you want to check my tweets on the situation, just check out my profile (@txni_ghost).



4 thoughts on “Update: 5/13/17

  1. That was sarcasm. Just because John has an opinion, doesn’t mean that everybpdy has to accept it. Yes, John has an opinion and everyone has the right to have their own opinions, but John just has a very crappy opinion which has now caused me to severely dislike himeventhough I don’t know him.


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