When You’re Bored

Hi, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. My mind’s been across the country (mentally). Today I have a post on things to do when you’re bored. By the way, I’ve been sick with the flu for at least four days now. You can could count five days, if you think feeling a couple of symptoms the day before you realize you are sick.

  1.  Watch a show or movie: I’ve spent all my free time watching Supernatural. It has so many seasons to binge watch. I have a weird relationship with the show. I’ve binge watched the first 6 seasons back in 2015, season 7 was all alone in 2016, and I’m currently on season 9. I recommend watching a show that has a lot of seasons, not to binge watch but to watch on some free time.
  2.  Talk to a friend: I’m usually the most anti social person in the world. But sometimes I want to talk to someone. Call up a friend and go meet them at your local mall or something.
  3.  Go outside: I never thought I would ever tell someone to go outside. I rarely go outside unless it’s to go to school or walk my dog. The outside can a scary place but try going on a walk. Walking is good for you. I need to exercise so let’s (mentally) do it together!
  4.  Social Media:  I don’t recommend this to a lot of people because the internet is a very scary place (I’m half joking). Spend some time (BUT NOT TOO MUCH TIME!!!) on social media. I use Twitter and Instagram the most right now, only because I’m having a hard time trying to convince my mom to give me a phone again.  Don’t spend hours of your day on social media! You have to try to enjoy life outside of that trap.

This is all I’ve got so far. It’s just a small list of things to do when you are bored. Find something that you’ll love doing and have fun with it. Hope y’all have a great day. I hope this nasty flu goes away by tomorrow morning. I have to go to school. Please comment, like, and follow Txni Writes. I’ll try to post more often in a week. Thanks for reading!


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