The Last Day of May

Hello. It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been doing okay, I guess. It’s May 31st of 2017. We’re a day early from the middle of the year. We’ve made it through the past five months of the new year. Can you still call it the “new” year? It’s a year and it’s somewhat new to us. Either way, we’ve survived and that’s all that matters.

I’m quite sad that May is coming to an end. May is “Mental Health Awareness Month”. I think it’s important that we’ve dedicated an entire month to mental health. I remember my debate teacher told me “mental health shouldn’t be treated as any different from a physical illness”. They are both important to take care of. They deserve equal attention and support. So don’t forget to take care of yourself, mentally and physically! That’s advice I should take myself.

This month was full of disappointment, to be honest. So many personal issues have made guest star appearances in my life. I don’t want to, but family has been my main issue. I lost a friend/ex-boyfriend this month. The good thing is our relationship didn’t last very long. It wasn’t going anywhere. I’m a high school sophomore and he was a senior. My advice to myself, “Don’t date a senior if you know it won’t last.” The problem is that I move on too fast depending on the person. Not too good but I’ll live.

I hope you enjoyed this quick update. I hope you have a good last day of May. I hope that June brings you happiness, joy and everything that will help you. Keep living no matter how hard things get. I’m struggling myself but I’m trying to continue. I want you all to continue with your days. It’s been Txni from Txni Writes. Thank you for reading.


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