Pity Party

I throw myself a pity party almost every day. I sit in my room at night with all the lights  off. During this time, I always listen to some Melanie Martinez (she literally sings the song Pity Party) and maybe some aggressive music. I often feel like I want to fight myself for feeling this way.

There’s the thought that I have ruined my life and I am destined to fail at everything I do. I need to get out of that mind set. If you throw yourself a pity party, try to stop it. Let someone crash the party and change it (in a positive way). Try to see yourself in a positive way. Instead of thinking you’re destined to fail, think “wow, I’m on this planet to do something great for someone, even myself.”

I need to change my mindset. We need to change the way how we process things and find the positive in everything. It’s easier said than done. I know I struggle to follow my own advice. I need to put my trust in myself. I need to bring myself to a positive environment. Not everything in life is bad. We can find something better to do than throw a pity party for ourselves.  -Txni

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Hello Friends!

I am Txni. I am a 16 year old music fan and writer. I write about anything and everything I can think of.  I want to turn this writing blog into something successful. I will always be proud of starting a blog at 16, even if this turns to trash. I always have to remember writing is beautiful and not trash. I can improve my writing little by little by posting as often as possible. Please enjoy this blog. Comment any suggestions and if you’d like to see my work daily.